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 Influenced by Impressionism, I enjoy creating a texture of color. Layered form becomes an avenue for depth within my work. My subject matter includes landscape, architecture, gardens, and enlarged flowers. In addition, I’ve created a series of angelpaintings, inspired by the Renaissance painting I studied in Italy. Recently I am also working in oil paint or gouache, or making painterly monoprints

In undergraduate school (University of Dayton), I received a BFA specializing in printmaking. After graduate school at Syracuse University (1972), I began what became a 34-year career in art education. In 1992 I decided to spend more time on my own art. I enjoyed creating with color. My first series were close ups of flowers and foliage. A fellow art guild member invited me to have a show in her gallery and my artist career began.


Currently my work is shown at the Art Market Gallery, KnoxvilleTN, in shows produced by the Tennessee Artists Association and
exhibits of The Barbara West Portrait Group.


My pastel paintings are images of sunlit places I have visited. I have traveled to Italy, Spain, Greece, the Mediterranean, Bermuda,
Florida, Maine, Eastern Canada, and the Southwest. Some of my work is painted plein aire, but most of the images are first composed with my camera. Later in my studio the photographs are used to create intimate glimpses of a place that caught my eye. Using pastels, sometimes combined with watermedia, I like exploring the play of color and light within the landscape of my panting.​​

Sandra Abraham

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